“MAPS Is Northampton Based Musician James Chapman.”

There is an artist, James Chapman who uses the stage name Maps when he produces his records. He was born in Northampton, England. If you love music which includes Shoegazing, Indie rock and Electronica, you will love Maps. Chapman has been recording since 2006, and one of his musical compositions is entitled “Start Something” which was recorded on his own label. Chapman produces his music himself, and it is in extended play form. Another popular single that Chapman recorded was “Lost My Soul” which climbed up to Number 26 on a top recording list in 2006.Check out this link here.

In May of 2007, Chapman’s first album, “We Can Create” was released. This album was nominated for an music award but did not win but critics did enjoy the album. Chapman has released “To the Sky” in North America. Currently, he is creating his third album and states that it will be in a darker mood than “We Can Create.” He promises that it will be in a more positive vein than “Turning the Mind.” Maps toured with his album, “We Can Create” and appeared with four musicians. If you love extremely distinctive music, collect his music!

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